S R Foundries, The flagship company started as a Non ferrous foundry manufacturing copper alloys in Chennai (India) in the year 1975 by our founder S.Ramanujam, Having experience since 4 decades, today we are in manufacturing Quality Bronze.

SR Foundries

We are Manufacturer and Exporters Of Bronze Wear Plate, Bronze Valves, Nickel Aluminum Bronze Castings, Bronze Pump Castings, Bronze Worm Gears, Bronze Bushes, Pb Bushes, Gm Bushes, Aluminum Bronze Bushes, AB Bushes, Bush Bearings, Cement Kiln Bearings,Bronze liners, Bronze Impellers, Bronze Propellers, Gear Hub, Bronze Sliding Shoes, Bronze Washers, Bronze Centrifugal Castings, Brass Castings, ,White metal re-babbiting, etc

We have In-house Machine shop, Pattern shop and Spectra Laboratory, manned by well trained and experienced technicians and machinists. We have capacity to undertake and execute orders as per your drawing / sample in any specification from 0.1 Kg to 300Kg as single piece casting.

Copper alloy cast products as per IS, BS, ASTM, DIN standards of following:

1. Phosphor bronze,
2. Tin bronze,
3. Leaded bronze
4. Aluminium bronze
5. Nickel aluminum bronze
6. Manganese bronze
7. Gun metal
8. Brass
9. Aluminium alloys

Quality control

We have In-house Spectra Analysis for controlling the chemical composition before pouring thereby attaining the exact specification of the customer. Brinell hardness tester, dye penetrate tester, hydro leak pressure test, Melting temperature pyrometer, Mitutoyo measuring instruments ranging 0 -1000 mm duly calibrated to achieve quality.

Spectro Lab

SR Foundries SR Foundries