Manufacturing Details

We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves as a Small Scale Industrial Unit engaged in the manufacture of Ferrous and Non ferrous Castings, and Machined components. We have a full fledged foundry, machine shop and pattern shop manned by well trained and experienced technicians and machinists. We are a recognized and approved vendor for both production and maintenance departments of various Industrial sectors. We cater to numerous companies dealing with Fertilizers, Refineries, Petro products and Chemicals, Construction sectors, Sugars mills, Cement factories, Earth moving equipments, Containers, Port trusts, Automobile sector, Pumps, Meters, Engineering components and so on .

We have capacity to undertake and execute orders of the following description,

We manufacture Non ferrous castings as per your drawing / sample in any specification from 0.1 Kg to 300Kg as single piece casting.
(a) Phosphor Bronze as per IS28, BS, ASTM Standards.
(b) Aluminium Bronze as per IS 305, BS and ASTM standards.
(c) Leaded Tin Bronze as per LTB 1,2,3,4,5 of IS 318 or LG 1,2,3,4 as per BS 1400.
(d) Gun Metal as per IS 10742, BS or commercial grade.
(e) Yellow Brass, High Tensile Brass, and Manganese Bronze.
(f) Aluminium as per specification.
(g) Tin based White metal alloys.

We manufacture Grey Cast Iron castings of IS 210 Grade FG 200 & FG 220 in the form of rough castings or complete machined castings of any shape and size as per your drawing/sample to any quantity from 100 g to 1000 Kg as single piece casting. 


We have full fledged machine shop to cater the needs with Lathe, Milling, Slotting, Grinding, Shaping, Jig boring machines. We make all types of complete machined components with the maximum accuracy of 0.02mm with all holes, threading, and gear cutting operations as per sample/drawing. We manufacture all types of machined components such as shafts, screw rods, spindles, Bearings, Bushes, etc. 

We are specialists in manufacturing White metal lining in Bush Bearings, Plunger guide bush, Piston, Journal, etc., as per IS25/ASTM B23-1 standards with chemical and bonding certificates. 

We have full fledged pattern shop with highly experienced persons working to prepare any shape and size of Wooden, Aluminium and Thermocole patterns. We are also pioneers in developing gravity dies and die castings for Aluminum and Brass alloys.


We have in-house testing apparatus such as Optical Emission Spectrometer, Brinell Hardness Tester, Dye Penetrant testing, leak testing, Temperature measuring devices (Pyrometer), and all kinds of measuring instruments of Mitutoyo make in various sizes such as Vernier calipers, Height gauges, Dial gauges, Inside Micrometers, etc from 0 – 1000 mm which are duly calibrated to achieve quality in all our components manufactured. 

The molding section is equipped with Sand Muller to make hand molded CO2 Molds, Green Sand & Natural Country Sand Molds. The molding is done as per methoding calculations with self designed Gating & risering systems. Castings are poured using ceramic foam filters and Exothermic & Insulating sleeves to attain highest quality 
Melting & Pouring 

2 nos. of Coke fired furnaces with 100 kg capacity is used to melt Copper & Aluminium alloys. We also have Wesman Make Oil fired furnaces of 300 kg, 150 kg & 100 kg each. A Cupola with 1000 kg capacity Single piece casting & A Drum type Cupola with 150 kg Single piece casting are in line. 

Rods, Bushes (Plain and Flanged), split and solid type bush bearings, Plummer blocks, Doors, Plates, Cranes wheels, Valves, Pump casing, Impellers, Gears, and any type of intricate cast components as per your requirements. Non standard fasteners, Bearing, Pistons, Screw rods, Shafts, Spindles, Rollers, Pulleys, Heat exchanger, etc in stainless steel, Mild steel, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron or Non ferrous metals as per requirements. We also manufacture special purpose machinery spares to suit special applications. Teflon and plastics components are also manufactured by us. We now kindly request you to enlist us as an approved vendor and send your valuable enquiries and purchase orders which will receive immediate and prompt attention and assure you with top quality and delivery in all products supplied to you to the maximum extent, by using our full intellectual and efficiency to serve you as the best.